Total and partial dentures

protezaTotal and partial dentures are prostheses used in dentistry since the 15th century for the replacement of a larger number of teeth where the adjacent teeth are arranged in a way that does not permit the introduction of a fixed prosthesis or in cases of complete toothlessness caused by extensive cavities or other dental diseases.

The fabrication of dental prostheses is very important for the following reasons:
– Helps mastication and nutrition,
– Helps with speech because teeth have a really important role in pronunciation of correct sounds,
– Dentures are used to keep the teeth in the dental arch in order to prevent the other teeth from moving,
-To make the patient appear younger since teeth support the facial muscles and reduce wrinkles,
– To make patients smile again.

Since wearing such dentures may be uncomfortable for patients and may cause the sensation of having a foreign object in their mouth due to insufficient retention on the mucosa ridge, today it is possible to make mobile dentures fixed on implants thereby achieving improved retention and therefore providing easier wearing of such dentures and their better functionality.

Metal dentures

Made when partial dental loss occurs, but due to the position of the remaining teeth the fabrication of a fixed prosthesis is not possible.
Partial dentures are usually made of Wironit metal or acrylate and are often used in combined dental bridgework or crownwork.
In such cases the abutment connecting the fixed part with the mobile denture can be aesthetically well executed with attachments, i.e. anchors – invisible abutments unlike the clasps used in the past, which are used less today due to aesthetic reasons.