ordinacija hemerich 0031Minimally invasive dentistry of the 21st century consists of early interception and evaluation of factors that cause cavities and their occurrence by removing such factors and reducing them to a minimum by using bioactive materials for the fillings, thereby achieving the restoration of demineralised enamel and protection from further damage. The traditional approach only treats symptoms of the disease and not its cause.

For the purposes of minimally invasive dentistry the products used are bacteria, plaque and saliva tests, which determine the evaluation of the patient’s risk of cavities, and preventive measures of tooth covering using toothpaste based on calcium-phosphate and fluoride, which restores the mineral balance in the mouth.

At the dental practice of MSc Lada Hemerich Martinčić DMD we offer high quality services of preventive dentistry, paediatric dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, tooth treatment, prosthetic dentistry, surgery with implant installation, and recently our offer also includes dermal fillers (Dermavisc).