Preventive dentistry

preventiva-flossing-1Preventive dentistry includes tartar cleaning with tooth polishing; tooth sandblasting, tooth fluoridation and impregnation with special pastes that contribute to a better maintenance of oral hygiene.

The cleaning of tartar and polishing obavlja se ultrazvučnom sondom pomoću koje se skidaju tvrde naslage na zubima, a zatim pastom poliraju zubi kako bi površina zuba bila glatka i sjajna.

Tooth sandblasting removes pigmentation from teeth that cannot be removed by ultrasonic cleaning and polishing. Sandblasting is performed with a special device into which fine sand is introduced, removing all pigmentation from teeth with the help of water and air under strong pressure.

Tooth fluoridation and impregnation is a completely painless procedure, which is performed after a detailed tooth cleaning with the purpose of protecting the teeth and maintaining the dental tissue as better and healthy as possible.