implantatiAn implant is a titanium fixture surgically implanted in the jawbone, which replaces the root of the tooth. It can be implanted in the upper of lower jaw. The implant replaces a single, completely missing tooth.
In some cases the implant insertion is required in order to avoid milling of adjacent teeth for the construction of a bridge if such teeth are intact or are not sufficient to be pillar teeth.
The implants are made of a biocompatible material, and entirely meet the aesthetic and functional requirements.



Dental implant surgery is an outpatient surgery done under local anaesthesia, and the indication for the implant surgery depends mainly on the x-ray imaging and the patient’s general health condition. The implant surgery procedure is often made in two steps.
During the first visit the implant is installed in the bone and covered in mucosa and after a healing period (osseointegration) lasting 3 – 6 months, the external part of the implant is applied and a ceramic tooth crown is made.

In addition to installing single implants, today there are alternative procedures for edentulous jaws – mobile dentures fixed on the implants whereby an improved denture retention is provided since the implants are anchored into the bones, thereby avoiding gums irritation and therefore providing a better function and easier wearing of such dentures.
Correct oral hygiene is required after the implants are installed as well as regular check ups in order to keep the oral cavity and mucosa healthy for many years.