kruniceAny massive dental damage or trauma requires aesthetic and functional tooth reconstruction with a prosthetic crown.
Tooth damage is usually caused by insufficient oral hygiene, which causes cavities; irregular visits to the dentist, excessive sugar consumption or the consumption of hard food, which can cause tooth fracture.
Prosthetic crowns are one of the most efficient possibilities to cover damaged teeth that require restoration, whether due to colour, strength or size of the tooth, and are often used as pillar teeth.

The crown protects the tooth that is affected by large cavities and it restores the fractured tooth or covers a discoloured tooth.
Crowns are made in dental laboratories by using high quality porcelain (ceramic) with a metal base – metal-porcelain crowns or without a metal base – zirconium-porcelain crowns thereby achieving a perfectly natural tooth appearance.
Due to single teeth missing for a long time in the oral cavity so-called “tooth movement” or twisting of adjacent tooth into the empty space may occur, and may therefore cause bite defects. Very often these defects are connected to inflammatory changes and diseases of gums and periodontium, making oral hygiene more difficult, and may lead to speech impediments. For those reasons the extracted tooth must be replaced to prevent negative consequences of that missing tooth.