Cosmetic dentistry


Do you know you can have the smile of your dreams?

Teeth whitening, veneers, non-metal crowns and implants are the new methods in dentistry, which provide you exactly that kind of smile.

The cosmetic dentistry trend has also been present in our country for many years, thereby providing us, doctors of dental medicine, with the possibility to apply all the new, contemporary methods of actual cosmetic dentistry on our patients. We where thereby given the possibility to mutually enjoy the wonders of cosmetic dentistry of the new age.
Modern cosmetic dentistry implies a large number of different methods, which allow us to considerably change the appearance of our teeth, from their colour to their shape and thereby correct the innate defects or those acquired throughout the years.
With the excellent possibilities provided by modern dentistry, technology and materials of the newest generation, nice teeth and a natural smile have become an accepted standard today.
The possibilities of cosmetic treatments in dentistry are extensive today, and there is a series of procedures, which may be used for the improvement of different defects. Among the non-invasive methods TEETH WHITENING is usually used, but we often use the minimally invasive interventions by using composite or porcelain materials (VENEERS, CROWNS).
Used materials depend mainly on the clinical situation and the aim of the therapy, where a good therapy plan has a significant role in long-term satisfaction and success as well as a good selection of materials and methods. Contemporary methods try to maintain the natural tooth as much as possible thereby also extending the duration of such works.

Tooth whiteningWhitening
Aesthetic fillingsFillings
Inlay Onlay OverlayInlay, Onlay, Overlay
KruniceNon metal crowns